The ground is at long last starting to warm up, so if the weather is dry, the smaller creatures start to move around earlier in the day. The water also is warmer, which is encouraging the emergence of the dragonflies and damselflies. Today, with the weather sunny, there were blue damselflies everywhere, including banded demoiselle… Read More

Ann’s Blog

Haven’t we been fortunate with the weather in the last few days? The fresh lime green leaves are well out now on the blackthorn and hawthorn. Lovely to see, but it does make birdwatching more difficult, particularly for those which sing well into the scrub most of the time! Yes, they are back in. It… Read More

Finding out about… the starling

Image by Marilyn Peddle, CC BY-NC 2.0 Latin name: Sturnus vulgaris Adults in the breeding season look basically black, but with a shining purple and green feathering, the starling is truly a very handsome bird.  It is indeed very attractive and so underrated by both birdwatchers and the general public. The starling, like all birds,… Read More