Common tern by Carol Leather

The Kingfisher Lottery Club is a great way to make a regular donation to the nature reserve whilst also being in with the chance of winning a cash prize. Pay an annual subscription of just £12 a year per share/number, and get more than sixteen chances to win a cash prize every year!

  • Anyone can join – you do not need to be a member of the Friends of Paxton Pits
  • For an annual subscription of £12, you receive one share/number
  • You can have more than one share/number if you wish
  • You can join the Club with a cash/cheque joining form at the Visitors’ Centre – or download a joining form and send it to the address on the form
  • Upon request the promoter will be pleased to send you a standing order joining form if you want to set up a regular payment
  • There are more than sixteen chances of winning a cash prize every year
  • The Kingfisher Lottery Club fund is divided between cash prizes and to fund projects at the reserve

Thank you to everyone who takes part.

Past Achievements and Future Plans

The funds raised by the Kingfisher Lottery Club have been used to great effect around the Nature Reserve for the benefit of wildlife and visitors.

Cobham Hide (2013/14) – the first “lottery project” jointly funded with the Friends. The hide has completely merged into its surroundings and offers a different view with a mixture of birds and insects in a marshy habitat.

Tern Rafts (2013/14, 14/15, 15/16 and 16/17) – located on Heronry North lake were funded by the Friends (one raft) and the lottery (three rafts).  They have proved to be a great success over the past ten years with around 100 chicks fledged. The structure of the rafts remain good with recent additional protective measures to keep predators at bay. We have at times had difficulties with monitoring the rafts during covid lock downs and exceptionally bad weather during some breeding seasons. Pleased to report that our terns continue to ‘carry on’ regardless with continued breeding success.

Washout Pit Screen (2017/18) – an area at the north end of Heronry North Lake looking out on an area of Washout Pit which provides an interesting view to watch the summer migrants in the thick scrub without causing any disturbance.

Kingfisher Bank/Nest Tunnels (2018/19) – a purchase of 20 nesting tunnels was made and initially placed three in the earth bank in front of the Cobham Hide. After further deliberation the remaining Kingfisher nesting tunnels will be built into artificial banks and sited in various positions around the Reserve. We believe spreading the nest sites may help reduce risk of disturbance.

Insect Hotels (19/20) We continue to extend our existing programme of work to provide additional areas to maintain and increase our insect population.  Two large “insect hotels” were purchased and now located in the Visitor Centre garden. We are working towards a number of smaller single unit “habitat boxes” being placed around the reserve.

Sand Martin Bank (20/21) Two banks purchased and now located on Pump House Level. Sand Martins are in the area and we hope have already planned to use the banks for 2023.

Metal Shipping Container and Cattle Corral (2021/22 & 2022/23) Two projects to improve the infrastructure to enable the Reserve to function better:

Metal Shipping Container located at the yard (moorings area) to provide secure storage for tools and equipment.

Cattle Corral to support our bovine volunteer team. Purchase of metal fencing with entry and exit gates to enable the safe movement of cattle between the High Street field gate and the meadow adjoining the visitor centre.