There’s loads to see at Paxton Pits, especially if you’re patient. It’s a well-loved spot for bird watching, with many overwintering wildfowl and regular sightings of kingfishers – as well as the famous nightingales. But you’ll also see plenty of other evidence of a healthy ecosystem here, including elusive mammals such as otters and weasels, plus a wide range of wildflowers, dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies.


Visit our Latest Sightings Blog to see what’s been out and about most recently. For an idea of what you might see at different times of year, we’ve got a handy month-by-month guide. And if you spot anything yourself, please let us know what you’ve seen and where by writing in the sightings book at the visitor centre or by emailing Ranger Jim.


The most recent sightings from the blog:

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!We kicked off on January 1st with our usual "Ice-Breaker" walk with 42 guests but only 37 species by lunchtime. Meanwhile Neal Parkin and the regular bird counters were in the quarry (with permission).I noted 72 species seen […]
  • There is a new Bird Checklist on the way. It should be on the counter on January 1st for our New Year's Day Ice Breaker event.Heronry Lakes are back to normal winter levels or perhaps deeper with all the small […]
  • The month began with mild conditions, but with some windy days followed by a lot of rain. The lakes and river rose noticeably.The Heronry South Lake after rain.November 3rd: Mink near the Offord Pumphouse intake,November 5th: Blue tits, wood pigeon, […]