Great White Egret image by Carol Leather

Sightings are recorded and compiled by Ranger Jim Stevenson, and then published on the blog which contains the most up-to-date reports. 

Your sightings are important to us!

Whether the sightings are birds, mammals, insects, spiders, fungi or unusual plant life – we would really like to hear from you. Please help us to keep our records up to date by adding your sightings to or email You can also add your sightings to the new logbook in the Visitor Centre. Records of common species are just as important as those for rarities. 


From Ranger Jim’s blog..

  • This month will hopefully see an increase in waders on the reserve. Green sandpipers have already been a feature from mid July onwards. The last of the swifts will be on their way south and other early migrants might include a few passerines.The last swifts of the year.It's not only birds that migrate, insects so too. Look for migrant hawker dragonflies, hummingbird hawk-moths and […]
  • Please email me your sightings or write them in the log-book at the Visitor Centre.July marks the end of the breeding season for birds but that doesn't mean there is nothing to see. Insect life is abuzz over the lakes and in the meadows and some of our most colourful flowers do not appear until late summer.Comma butterfly.If it's birds you are after, then […]
  • June 1st: Lesser whitethroat on the mound, g-s woodpecker at the Hayden Hide (AP)Breeding Bird Survey:  June 2nd Neal Parkin Reports:The highlights from this weekend surveys were:Cuckoo – a male & female were seen flying together at both south and north end of the Pits.Barn owl – few reports of barn owls this year but one was seen during the surveyMistle thrush – an uncommon […]
  • We have a new logbook in the Visitor Centre where you can enter all your sightings, not just birds. Your records are very important to monitor all the creatures that live on the Reserve or pass through it. Records of common species are just as important as those for rarities. You can also send in records by email to me HEREMallard family.May 1st  Hobby regulary viewed […]
  • Hi everyone! April started slowly but a smattering of spring migrants passing through made for some interesting sightings. I have altered the format this month to allow me to paste in people's reports exactly as they wrote them. It also saves time as I don't have to fight against the template.Please keep sending your sightings as this could be the most exciting month of the year.4th:  […]