Great White Egret image by Carol Leather

Sightings are recorded and compiled by the Friends of Paxton Pits and published in Ann’s regular blog. The HDC Rangers also keep the Facebook page updated with the latest things they’ve spotted.

Your sightings are important to us!

Whether the sightings are birds, mammals, insects, spiders, fungi or unusual plant life – we would really like to hear from you. Please help us to keep our records up to date by reporting what you see to us and You can also add your sightings to the new logbook in the Visitor Centre. Records of common species are just as important as those for rarities. 

  • Latest Sightings
    There is always a certain anticipation of what will be seen on a wildlife survey, and the recent Butterfly & Damsel and Dragonfly transect did not disappoint. Although we weren’t particularly looking for other species, as we walked through the kissing gate to the Meadow Trail, a cuckoo sat in a nearby tree. Last year,… Read More
  • Latest Sightings 11.5.21
    What a difference this year from last year. We have been able to meet up for the 2nd Breeding Bird survey of the year.  The morning did not disappoint. The air was full of bird song. You could hear the cuckoo from the Visitor Centre garden, and you could watch long tailed tits and greenfinch… Read More
  • Latest Sightings 14.4.21
    An early walk often pays dividend.  The bird song is often at its best, and this time of year is full of anticipation of the newly arrived migrants you might hear. Indeed, our first Paxton Pits breeding bird survey on 4th April did just that and showed up several of these migrants, willow warbler, garden… Read More
  • Latest Sightings
    We are all in a time of change and that includes our wildlife. March is a time that as the weather warms, it makes them restless and encourages them to breed or move on. A windy walk around the Paxton Pits lakes in the recent days to count the duck for the final time this… Read More
  • Latest sightings 15.2.21
    The floods remain a topic of conversation around here. The road into St Neots from Little Paxton opened for a few days, only to shut again and this is where we are at present. Like, the human population, wildlife adjusts and makes the most of it. There is a feeling spring is around the corner… Read More



Ranger Jim’s blog – where sightings from the Reserve used to be gathered – is no longer updated since Jim retired, but you can read the archive here.