Latest Sightings

There is always a certain anticipation of what will be seen on a wildlife survey, and the recent Butterfly & Damsel and Dragonfly transect did not disappoint. Although we weren’t particularly looking for other species, as we walked through the kissing gate to the Meadow Trail, a cuckoo sat in a nearby tree. Last year,… Read More

Finding Out About… Nightingales

Nightingale image by Rob Zweers, CC BY-ND 2.0 So much has already been written about this iconic bird, hailed by many as the worlds greatest song bird, that you may think there is nothing new to say? However this article may prove helpful as background as we enter the birds most important time here in… Read More

Finding Out About…. Black-headed Gulls

Black-headed gull image by William, CC BY 2.0 Why do birdwatchers not take too much notice of gulls? This bird is one of our most familiar local birds, but is very little known to most people, being called a “seagull” by most of my friends? So, if the herring gull (a declining species) is the… Read More