Ann’s Blog 15.6.23

If you see a 4inch animal with protruding eyes and a long tail scurrying along, what do you think you are seeing? You would probably say a mouse. Most likely a Wood mouse. However, it could be a Yellow necked mouse. Both are useful to man, as they eat harmful insects, and many trees and… Read More

Ann’s Blog

Now Mayflies are an interesting species.  They can be found in literature from Aristotle’s time. I think of them dancing in the balmy May air (somehow this May isn’t so balmy!). They have done so since time immemorial, as they belong to the same group of insects-Palaeoptera- as dragonflies and damselflies. Although, they can emerge… Read More

Ann’s Blog 3.3.23

The worst of the winter seemed to be before Christmas. Snowdrops are looking good now and lots of daffodils are already out.  There is warmth in the sun. However, there is a wind that still feels rather chilly. Cormorants start nesting whatever the weather. Trevor has counted 36 nests, which is similar to last year.… Read More