Finding Out About… Goldfinches

Image by Natural England, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Fact File Latin name: Carduelis Carduelis UK breeding population: 1.65 million pairs 16th most numerous breeding bird in the UK Most goldfinch noted on a collection of garden feeders in Little Paxton: 28 together.  Can you beat that? Status: common summer resident, with c80% of the UK population… Read More

Finding Out About… Swifts

Image by lamcopphis, CC BY-ND 2.0 “From the churchyard I can hear the calls and sounds of both turtle dove and spotted flycatcher, whilst the swifts, newly arrived from Africa, circle excitedly round the church tower.  They will nest here and also under the thatch on the nearby cottage.  The loud screaming reflects the old… Read More

Finding Out About… Common Terns

Image by Natural England It used to be said that all you had to do was dig a hole, fill it with water, and down come the ducks!  To some extent, that really is true, but they still need somewhere to breed of course, often as far away as the Arctic.  Other wetland birds have… Read More