2020 Annual Wildlife Report now available online

Our 2020 Annual Wildlife Report, which gathers together all of the wildlife sightings and records over the whole of 2020 at Paxton Pits, Little Paxton village and in the surrounding area, is now available online. We want to extend our huge thanks to everyone involved in surveying and pulling together this report during this most… Read More

Finding Out About… Woodpeckers

A great spotted woodpecker hangs from our garden bird feeder, and it is also interested in the remains of a chicken hanging from an apple tree! Both the great spotted woodpecker and the green woodpecker are familiar sights around the villages these days, but historically both these birds had a rather uneasy relationship with man… Read More

In April, Listen and Look Out for …

Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers By the last week of March, the reserve was alive with the distinctive song of the chiffchaff. In April, it will be joined by its close relative, the willow warbler. How can you tell them apart? Probably not by looking at them. Even experienced birdwatchers struggle to tell the difference. However,… Read More

In March, Listen and Look Out for …

Great Spotted Woodpeckers The drumming of great spotted woodpeckers is one of the classic sounds of early spring. The woodpecker does this to advertise its presence, stake out a territory and attract a mate. Although both sexes drum, the male does so more often. The woodpecker bashes its beak against the tree about 12 times… Read More

In January, Look Out for …

Diving Ducks Diving Ducks can feed in deep water by submerging completely, disappearing for a few seconds before popping up nearby. The most common at the Pits is the black-and-white tufted duck which you can see all year round as it breeds on the reserve. In addition to these resident birds, hundreds more tufted ducks… Read More