In January, Look Out for …

Diving Ducks Diving Ducks can feed in deep water by submerging completely, disappearing for a few seconds before popping up nearby. The most common at the Pits is the black-and-white tufted duck which you can see all year round as it breeds on the reserve. In addition to these resident birds, hundreds more tufted ducks… Read More

Finding Out About… Robins

Image: Jim Stevenson Robins in Fact and Fiction I suspect that most people in the UK know what an adult Robin looks like, but from my experience most do not understand that young Robins do not have red breasts.  The situation is not helped as Christmas cards will often depict a family of Robins with… Read More

In December, Look out For …

Dabbling Ducks Dabbling Ducks feed in shallow water or in floating weed, by flipping upside down, with their tails sticking up in the air. You can find some at the Pits all year round, for example, the familiar mallard and the distinctive shoveler with its broad, spade-shaped bill. In the winter, many more ducks arrive… Read More

Finding Out About… Mute Swans

Friends volunteer, popular guide and bird expert Trevor Gunton introduces his next in a series of informative articles. Image by Peter Hagger Local birdwatchers do not seem to take much interest in our mainly resident swans, almost as if they are not real wild birds. They are ever present on most pits throughout the year,… Read More