The Friends of Paxton Pits take the environmental footprint of the Visitor Centre and all our works on the reserve very seriously.

We have implemented a number of initiatives at our Visitor Centre to reduce our environmental impact and are always open to ways in which to continue to improve:

  • We no longer provide plastic straws
  • We are phasing out the sale of bottled water and now sell bamboo reusable water bottles
  • We have replaced the plastic wrapping of our birdseed with paper
  • We provide recycling facilities for aluminium cans
  • We sell long-lasting reusable wasp deterrents to reduce people’s use of chemicals in their own gardens

Where possible on the reserve we use the most environmentally-friendly materials and tools, including reducing our reliance on tools which require petrol to run (though sometimes the nature of our conservation work means that these are the only tools that are powerful and mobile enough).