I noticed a blue tit go into one of our boxes at home today. This mild weather is so tempting for the birds. Although, I hope we don’t have a year like last year, when birds nested early, then it was wet.  Unfortunately, our bird ringers on the reserve found that 2021 was not a good year for fledglings. Let’s hope 2022 is better.

It’s definitely worth a walk around the Heronry Trail at present. There are a lot of duck on the water and up to 10 goosanders have been counted there. Little egrets seem to be a common sight and the great white visits regularly, as this recent photo of Jackie’s show. Further up, there also seem to be a lot of gulls on Island Pit, both black headed and common. I tried out my new phone attachment on my scope and took some videos of them. Even better when a green sandpiper and a redshank walked through the field of view, followed by Egyptian geese!

Another walk took us over the Meadow.  This time last year it was well flooded. Have you ever noticed how there are mole hills next to the path? I reckon they burrow away and then hit their heads on the wooden edges of the path! Did you know that they must eat over 50% of their body weight every day?  Imagine if we had to do that! They can make earthworm stores, and one chamber was found to have 470 earthworms in it. 

We finished the walk with a good spot of a redpoll on Redlands Meadow. A bird we seem to be short of this winter.

You never know what you are going to see. Our work parties take you off the main paths and last Sunday we were working on lowering the overgrown hawthorn to improve the habitat in the Sanctuary where the bird ringing occurs later in the year. As we were about to start work, a kingfisher flashed through.  A wonderful sight.

There is plenty of other wildlife to see as well. The queen bumblebees are starting to fly and take a closer look at a branch of a tree and study the lichens and see how they vary and their different colours.

Now what are you going to see on your walk?  Please let us know your Paxton Pits sightings on friends@paxton-pits.org.uk .

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