The weather is staying mild and many of our winter ducks are still up in the Baltic. This was demonstrated when we did the monthly Wetland Bird Survey(WeBS) yesterday. Another wet one and I discovered one of my boots was not waterproof! However, it was very good to be out and about. The duck numbers are building slower than normal. With still a couple of pits to count the largest count were the 226 wigeon and 166 tufted ducks.

The WeBS is completed first thing in the morning.  It is often being in the right place at the right time. The cormorant roost has been monitored for a long time by Trevor. He goes down to the Bus Stop about an hour before sunset.  This year he has done 20 visits since mid-September. He has recorded that the peak so far is about 210 birds, now roosting in 2 sections. He has noticed that about a third arrive from the South and there is an average of 150. Both stock dove and jackdaws also roost there. The most stock dove that he has seen has been about 60 and a count of 2000-3000 jackdaws. No wonder, I am seeing them in the garden more. Are you?

Being in the right place at the right time is also about Otter sightings. There have been several sightings on Hayling Lake and Rudd Lake, first thing in the morning. This week, I went down about 9.0 a.m. and watched one diving and fishing. They make it look so easy.

Redwings were in full force, the other day, when Mike and I walked round.  At least 100 with a few fieldfares amongst them. We were picking reed seed heads to do a germination trial.  We are going to need a lot, when they finish quarrying the fields by the Haul Rd!

You never know what you are going to see. If you see any interesting wildlife on the reserve, please let me know at

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